About MailMonitor

MailMonitor was founded in 2010 by Jay Wadley with a goal of providing advanced, actionable analytics to email marketers and email service providers.  With a background in both email marketing and data analysis, the MailMonitor team has quickly become a trusted partner for marketers and email services providers with a relentless passion for a high level of email campaign performance.

MailMonitor Leadership Team

MailMonitor Chris Maeda

Chris Maeda

CEO / Director

A former computer systems researcher, Chris has specialized in marketing and CRM technology for over 20 years.  Chris began his relationship with MailMonitor as an early stage investor, supporting MailMonitor’s vision of providing actionable email analytics through ambassadorship and technology consulting.  Chris also founded Brick Street Software, based in Toronto by way of New Hampshire.
Upon the passing of the MailMonitor’s Founder, Jay Wadley, Chris assumed the helm and is now focused on driving the success of the company through industry leading product features and customer support.
MailMonitor Adrian Patel-Delaloye

Adrian Patel-Delaloye

VP of Growth

As an entrepreneur with ten years experience, Adrian knows that the most important value-adds are connection and novelty.  As VP of Growth at MailMonitor, he shows businesses and individuals how to get their message into the inbox of their customers. As founder of tech startup, ZenPhone, he connects businesses with potential international customers by making their phone number appear local online and eliminating the international calling cost barrier.
Adrian lives in Sedona, Arizona and can often be found out and about dealing out free business advice to his barista and Uber drivers, he’s rock climbing, wanderlusting, weight training and pontificating about technologies.