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Simply add our provided seed email list to your distribution list and presto! We automatically create up-to-date, real time delivery reporting.
Mail Monitor delivery reports monitor dozens of ISPs giving visibility to delivery performance at all major ISPs worldwide.

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ISPs use sending reputation more than anything else to make email delivery decisions.

Mail Monitor gathers important reputation metrics and creates reports that contain data on sending volume, spam traps, complaint rates, and much more. Tracking your reputation as a sender is essential when troubleshooting and resolving delivery issues.  A negative change in reputation markers negatively impacts delivery results more than any other sending metric.


Emails that don’t reach the inbox won’t get read

Understand What Gets Flagged

Checking email content is essential information needed before sending to any list. Often times a specific term, link to a flagged website, or html coding structure that is seemingly innocent can raise a red flag with an email provider and be the difference between inbox or spam/bulk folder delivery.

Identify Risky Content BEFORE It’s Flagged

Mail Monitor provides content testing and analysis for each email. Email content is run through common spam filters that offer spam scores and itemized feedback when available. The spam filter testing feedback will often point to a specific content issue that can be easily resolved to optimize email campaign performance.

Authentication Testing

Our spam filter testing report checks your authentication each time you send an email to us. You will be able to see on an individual email campaign basis whether your email is passing DKIM and SPF authentication.

Spam Filters Used

Spam Assassin
Symantec / Message Labs


Help your team speed up workflow and troubleshooting.

Each browser and email provider can display their images differently. Mail Monitor’s browser email preview tool allows you to send a single test to many different email providers. We will automatically check those email accounts and take real screenshots of your email from multiple browsers. We will also take a screenshot with images turned on where applicable.
The preview tool checks the 4 largest email services provider accounts – Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo – with each of the 3 most popular browsers -Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.


Mail Monitor will check multiple times a day that your domain and IP addresses are not on any blacklists. If listed, you will be notifed via email so you can begin troubleshooting the cause and begin the removal process.

What is a Blacklist?

A Realtime Blacklist, or RBL, is a list of IP addresses and domain names that a third party organization has decided need block, typically to filter out spam.  They are referenced frequently by B2C email service providers as well as B2B email servers.

Which IP and Domain Blacklists are Monitored?

  • Spamhaus
  • CBL
  • ctyme
  • MailSpike
  • PSBL
  • INPS
  • Lashback
  • SpamCannibal
  • BBFH
  • Barracuda
  • UCE Level 1/2/3
  • CASA
  • NIX Spam

"Mail Monitor is a lifesaver for us! They offer the easiest, most effective set of tools to help us measure our emails' deliverability. Every email address is precious for an NGO, and now we can work on keeping them. If only we had found them sooner."

− Garth Moore US Digital Director, One.org

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