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Download Email Deliverability Reports

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We made a fairly minor update at the recent request of several clients. Delivery reports can now be downloaded.

When viewing the Delivery tab, click on the “All ISP Report” link. There is now a CSV download icon in the upper right corner that can be opened in Excel, Google Drive, or whatever spreadsheet software you use.

We are working on a much larger feature release and will have details shortly. We’ll announce the updates here as soon as they are live.

HTML Tag Verification Option Added

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Mail Monitor accounts have previously offered two ways to verify that email received belongs to you:

  • Maintaining a list of valid from addresses
  • Adding a unique campaign identifier to the header of each email

The header method is preferred but can be complex depending on the options available. Because of this we have added an HTML tag verification method. On the setup page of each account is an HTML comment code that will not appear in your HTML emails but will allow us to accurately track and verify your emails in our system.

The code on the setup page is unique each time the page is visited which makes it easy to copy and paste it into emails as part of the workflow.

Blacklist Alerts Available

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Inside each Mail Monitor account there is now an option to turn on or off daily email alerts. If one of your IP addresses or domains is added to a blacklist this makes it much easier to stay informed so that the troubleshooting and removal process can begin.