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Why You Should Monitor Inbox Placement and Not Just Email Deliverability

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For years we’ve been told that monitoring email deliverability is critical to managing a successful email campaign.  While it is important, it’s actually only half of the picture.

To truly understand your overall campaign performance, optimize your campaign ROI, and prevent your company from landing on the blacklist, you want to monitor inbox placement as well.

Sowing the Seeds of Email: The Hows and Whys Around Email Seed Lists

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For marketers, creating and sending emails comes with two goals:

  1. Get the email to land in your target audience’s inbox, and
  2. Get your target audience to act on your email (preferably in a positive manner and not ‘unsubscribe’)

In the beginning, the process was pretty straightforward:  create an email, spell-check the email, send the email, and watch the results.  Over the years as browser and ISP offerings have evolved, so has the process of email marketing automation.

There are tons of variables new you want to test and track now before you even send out your emails to your target audiences, such as spam scoring and multi-browser/ISP display.  This is where incorporating seed emails and email marketing tools such as spam filtering testing and email previewing become requirements for any successful email marketing arsenal.

What Are Seed Emails and Seed Email Lists?

In a nutshell, an email seed list is a list of email addresses that you will send an email to before you send the email out to your intended target audience.  This list allows you to test across various browsers, ISPs, and even device types.  Basically, you’ll be able to see how your email will appear and interact with each of these before you make it live.

Traditionally, companies created email seed lists that were full of employee personal emails.  As this practice has grown, it has expanded to test accounts which have been opened for the sole purpose of email marketing testing.  While some companies opt to take on this task themselves, many chose instead to work with outside vendors that specialize in this field and handle the ongoing tasks of managing and maintaining the lists on their behalf (which is typically the more practical and economic course for most companies to follow).

What are the Benefits of Seed Emails?

The main benefits are that you’ll be able to fix any display and engagement issues before sending out your email or email campaign.  You never want to send an email to potential or current customers that won’t display or that has broken links appearing.  This is clearly just bad form.  Too many emails like that and people will simply delete without opening or unsubscribe from your marketing emails entirely.

You’ll also be able to ensure what you’re sending will have little to no impact on your overall email reputation (lowering your chances of being marked as spam or ending up in spam folders instead of targeted inboxes).  After you’ve put all that time and hard work into an email campaign, the last thing you want to discover is that your emails aren’t reaching the target audience because you’ve been blacklisted.

Get your 2018 Email Marketing Strategy kicked off with a bang!  Check out our six-part series on email marketing,  “Your Guide to Spam Proof Email Marketing.”  As your partners in email deliverability, we want to help you maximize your marketing dollars, grow your bottom line and strengthen your brand’s reputation in the coming year.


Take Your Email Marketing Strategy Out of the Gate Like a Boss in 2018

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A new year means a new chance to tell your story and make a splash with your email marketing strategy!  In order to come out of the gate strong and end up in the Winner’s Circle in 2018, it’s time to reflect on your wins and loses of 2017, take stock of what tools you have at your disposal, define where you want to be at the end of next year, and create your plan for success now.

You’ve reviewed 2017 and laid out your goals for 2018…now it’s time to figure out how you’ll get there.  Here are few strategies to consider incorporating into your winning plan of attack:

Go Big or Go Home

There are some things in life where bigger can not only mean better but can also mean stronger.  Your email list is one such animal.  A large, well vetted, email list provides the power to drive more opens, clicks, and conversions.  In order to keep your list working in your favor, you have two components to stay on top of continually:

  1. Develop an email list maintenance strategy, that includes regular email list audits, and stick to it!  Remove old emails for inactive users and ensure that you’re only contacting users who opted in (and don’t grow your email list by buying addresses — that is simply a recipe for disaster).
  2. Run quarterly re-engagement campaigns.  Users that do not interact with these campaigns or that opt-out due to them, should be removed from your list.  This will help your list stay fresh and will give the occasional nudge to sleeping users, reminding them why it’s great to do business with your company.

Don’t Just Reports…Read Them!

If you use service like MailMonitor and Google Analytics, they have features and tools that will monitor and create reports one your emails, reputation, user engagement and website performance.  Both provide you such rich information that when combined, you’ll be able to see a complete picture of the health of your brand’s online reputation and marketing efforts.

Take the time to read the reports, reflect upon the data, and revamp your campaigns, keywords, tagging, and messaging based on what you discover.  While daily might be a bit much to ask of anyone, weekly monitoring and reporting on findings should be doable for most; plus, it will allow you to keep your finger of the pulse your email marketing efforts and course adjust quickly if necessary.

Knowledge is Power

Don’t settle for the way things have always been done before.  Technology changes constantly and new innovations in email marketing are introduced almost weekly.  Sign-up for email marketing industry blogs and newsletters and follow well known innovative thought leaders.

Carve out 30 minutes to an hour daily to catch up on what’s new in your industry and in the world of email marketing.  Check out trends and new technology before it goes mainstream and share your knowledge and findings with others on social media.  Not only you create a following for your brand, you’ll also establish your brand as thought leaders and give your email marketing strategy an upper hand.

For more tips and tricks for creating a large, healthy email list and marketing strategy for 2018, check out our Guide to Spam Proof Email Marketing series.


Mail Monitor Spam Tracking: The Tools You Need to Optimize Email Authentication

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spam trackingEmail spams are common – these unsolicited messages are responsible for deteriorating the overall experience of subscribers and defaming email marketing as a whole.  The worst part about them is that they are often unavoidable and are repetitive disruptions for end users.

While most of these email spam messages are overtly commercial in nature, there also are many with disguised links in them that may seem to be from a familiar website but, in reality, are leading to phishing websites or sites containing malware.  These type of spam emails can also have malware as embedded scripts or attached executable corrupt files, commonly known as Trojans.

The situation of email spam has worsened in the last decade. These days, botnets are commonly used to send out spam.  These botnets are basically networks of virus-infected computer systems created with the sole purpose of spreading viruses like wildfire, from one user and one system to another.

Most of the spammers out there collect email addresses from chat rooms, customer lists, websites, and newsgroups.  Many viruses are used to harvest users’ address books.  These lists are then commonly sold to other spammers.

All of this has made it imperative for professional email marketers and ethical online businesses to integrate solid spam tracking to ensure their business and subscribers avoid this trouble.  With Mail Monitor’s Spam Tracking features, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and will not be impacted by these issues.


Spam Tracking: Know What’s Getting Flagged

If your emails don’t make it to the inbox, they will not get read.  Therefore, you need to check your email content before sending it out to your lists.  Thanks to our years of experience in the field, Mail Monitor knows how to spot these types of spammers.  We will check your content for specific terms and various elements to ensure no links are leading to flagged websites and double check the HTML coding to verify that it won’t raise a red flag with any of the leading email providers.


Takes Actions Before Getting Flagged

There’s a reason why so many market leaders trust us with identifying any issues that can get them in hot waters.   Our foolproof content testing and analysis features will protect all of your emails from getting flagged.

We will run your email content through all of the common spam filters to get spam scores and then created itemized feedback for you.  Most of the times, this feedback will point out any specific areas in the email that should be changed and improved for an optimum email marketing performance.


Authentication Testing

Each time you send us an email, we will use our spam filter testing reports to check your authentication.  This will help you see on an individual email campaign level if your emails are passing SPF and DKIM authentication.

What more assurance that you have the right spam tracking in place?  You can sign up today for a free trial and see what we’re all about!

Preview and Rate Marketing Emails Before Sending

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marketing emailsLet’s be honest here – how many times have you discovered, after sending out marketing emails to your subscribers, an embarrassing typo or that you completely missed out on inserting a link to a button? Happens to the best of email marketers out there!

What might seem like a harmless little mistake can cost you a customer, and even worse, can land you in the spam folder. Your efforts and hard work will go to waste as a meaningless, amateur email when landing your potential customer’s inbox.

To avoid this heartache, we at Mail Monitor strongly recommend that you always preview and rate marketing emails before sending them out.


Marketing Emails: What Does An Inbox Preview Do?

Most of the leading email marketing services out, such as MailChimp and HubSpot, will allow you to have a complete preview of your email campaigns, giving you the final preview that your subscribers will see. This allows you to preview all your email campaigns before sending them out and gives you the opportunity to check them to see if they look professional and are readable and up to your quality mark.

Reviewing and optimizing your messages before sending them out will:

  • Ensure that your emails look accurate and are aesthetically correct for all devices and screen types; and
  • Will guarantee that your emails don’t get blocked by any spam filters based on an unforced error on your part

Performing this final check will also enhance your chances of increasing your response rate and minimize your unsubscribes.


Marketing Emails: What If You Don’t Do Inbox Previews?

Inbox Previews are essential marketing tools to quickly identify any issues before deploying a campaign. Failing to do this can lead to:

  1. High Spam Requests/Unsubscribes – You increase your subscriber’s likelihood to mark you as spam or simply unsubscribe from your mailing lists altogether. Imperfect emails are a real turn off for anyone and it looks extremely unprofessional and suspicious.
  2. Email Your Reputation – You need to make sure that your messages look perfect on all kind of devices. Failing to do so will definitely reduce your business’s reputation online.
  3. Increase in Block Rates – All renowned organizations rely heavily on email marketing to send the message across. Sending out faulty emails that might contain missing texts or images, broken links or invalid landing pages will increase the risk of being blocked, killing off the entire object of the marketing teams.


Rating Your Marketing Emails

Below are some of the things that you should always check when previewing your emails:

  • No words are misspelled – First and foremost, make sure your content has no typos or even worse, any grammatical errors. Make proofreading your best friend and maybe also involve another team member in the process.
  • The images are all working fine – Always double check to see that your images are being uploaded properly and/or are hosted on your public server, free from any password protection.
  • Links are working perfectly – Ensure that all of the links in your email are leading to the right place. Check each and every link and certify that none of your links used are blacklisted – something that you should consider critically.
  • Email layout is proper – Check the spacing of all elements and the overall layout of your emails for various devices, including the padding, margin changes, color, and fonts.
  • Looks good on all inboxes – You will have to make sure that your emails look good across all inboxes and not just a few. Check how they look on test accounts across all inbox services.
  • Headlines and subject lines looking good – Your emails should have a good headline as well a subject line that is relevant to the content of your email.