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Mail Monitor Adds Blacklist Monitoring to Product Suite

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Each Mail Monitor account now includes blacklist tracking so that sending server IP addresses can be checked against common industry blacklists. Each IP added to the account administration area will be checked once daily. Results within the last 30 days will be summarized within each account.

Standard accounts will allow 1 IP to be tracked. Small Business accounts will include tracking for 2 IP addresses. Performance accounts will include tracking for up to 10 IP addresses.

Mail Monitor adds 6 more ISPs to Deliverability Reporting

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The following 6 ISPs have been added to Mail Minitor Delivery reports effective immediately:

  • BT Internet

You’ll find the additional seeds accounts available for download in your Mail Monitor account. Once you add them to your distribution you’ll begin seeing the additional results right away. We’ll continue adding more ISPs soon. If you have any ISP you’d like to see, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you

Postini Spam Filter

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Google recently announced that they will no longer use Postini as a stand alone service for their Google Apps customers. Since the popularity of Postini continues to decline and Google is now actively directing their customers away from Postini we have decided to stop reporting Postini results. We’ll be monitoring Google’s changes as they transition their product and will continue to report on Gmail spam filtering.

Mail Monitor Adds UK Domain Tracking

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Many Mail Monitor users have a large percentage of customers located in the UK that use domain email. Even if addresses don’t make up the bulk of your list, tracking a wider range of delivery rates can certainly help as your list grows. Many of our clients have been asking for additional UK domain coverage and we’re pleased to add and effective immediately.

On your Mail Monitor account setup page you’ll see the additional seed addresses listed and available for download. Once added to your current distribution list, you’ll start seeing the domain reporting data right away.

In total, Mail Monitor now tracks 10 of the most common email domains that make up the vast majority of email lists:

They are Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Hotmail, Apple, Comcast, Road Runner, Cox,, and

Testing and confirming delivery to these common domains is essential for every business that uses email as a communication tool (essentially everyone).

Delivery Duration – the Forgotten Email Deliverability Metric

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Every marketer and business owner is interested in knowing if their marketing messages are reaching their target audience. Did it make it to the Inbox? Get caught in a spam filter? Get filtered out before even making it that far? Knowing where the message lands is the essential metric to measure email deliverability, but it doesn’t fully measure delivery effectiveness.

Knowing when the email reaches the target audience is also important. Product launches, promotional campaigns, feature enhancements, and fix releases all require time sensitive delivery to a target audience. Just recently we had a client that ran a short promotional sale and sent out multiple emails announcing it. The problem was that a major email service provider – one that involved nearly 10% of their distribution list, deferred their email campaign by 24 hours due to some email content issues. Only a portion of the company’s target audience received the limited time promotion and the effectiveness of the promotion was hurt badly. Customers that received the email late were confused and frustrated.

Each email provider handles delivery differently, but holding and deferring bulk email delivery is one method we have seen often. From the data we have collected, Yahoo appears to use this method the most often.

This is one of the reasons we feel duration tracking is critical and something we have included in every level of the Mail Monitor suite of email deliverability tools. Below is a screenshot showing the data provided.

Email Deliverability Duration Report
The duration report breaks down the length of time between the first and last email received by email provider and email campaign.

Next time you evaluate your email deliverabilty, don’t forget to check delivery duration.

Mail Monitor customer Zozi featured in email deliverability case study

By | Email Delivery Tracking, General, Marketing Email Deliverability | No Comments features daily local deals to their customers. Since their daily deals are delivered via email each day, high email deliverability rates are particularly critical to their success.

Zozi was recently used in a case study by the email marketing research company, They also happen to be a long time Mail Monitor customer.

There are some great email marketing tips and take aways from the case study. You can read all about it here:

How to Increase Email Open Rates: Part 2

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In part 1, some of the accuracy problems with tracking open rates were discussed. Furthermore, while open rates measure trackable opens across entire email campaigns, seed tracking offers specific metrics by email provider. This allows easy identification of where and what delivery issues are occurring. This is yet once more reason why a seed based tracking solution is an essential tool for every email marketer.

Having measurable results from specific email providers and knowing how each is handling a campaign (inbox, bulk/spam, or completely filtered out) is essential and the most effective way to increase email open rates.