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Optimize Your Email Strategy for Cyber Monday

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Cyber MondayIt’s that time of the year again.  Time for family friends to come together, eat, visit….oh yes, and SHOP!

While Black Friday is still a staple of the Holiday Shopping Season, Cyber Monday has made its mark as a true contender as well.  Now is the time to get your game plan ready and prepare your business for the big day.

Here are four steps that will help you get your business ready for the crazy shopping frenzy of November 27th…Cyber Monday.

Design Your Strategy

What is it you want to accomplish on Cyber Monday?  Are you wanting to promote a specific service or product or are you simply trying to promote your brand and build your email list?  Whatever your goal, you need to establish it and design your email marketing strategy around that goal.

You might consider including additional content on your website as well, something like a survey or special offer that users who land there, instead of your landing pages, are able to take advantage of on Monday.  Don’t forget to ask for their email and name before giving them the offer or showing them the survey.  With the opportunity to drive so much additional, new traffic to your site, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to grow your email list.

Create Specialized Email Lists

You also have a couple of decisions to make around your email lists.  Are you going to reach out to everyone in your approved email database or a specific subset?  Since you are creating a special strategy for the event, it makes sense to create a specific email list to go along as well.

This list can include new users as well as those dormant customers who you haven’t heard from in the past six months.  Cyber Monday specials are a great opportunity to promote in order to get them back in the game.

Develop Landing Pages

As this is a once a year special event, it calls for specially designed landing pages.  If you typically have more low-key,  formal-sounding pages, this is your opportunity to cut loose!  You want to use bold colors and dynamic calls-to-action that emote a sense of ‘act now’ and ‘amazing pricing for today only’ in order to excite your target audience.

And don’t forget about SEO.  Make sure your landing pages incorporate keywords, have meta descriptions and tagged images.  Also, you’ll want these to link back to your main website as this influx of additional traffic could help your overall search rankings increase as well.

Develop Your Email Campaigns and Marketing Follow-up

As you all know, a successful campaign is more than social media ads and landing pages.  You need a strong email strategy.  The first email series is to get them into the game.  Creating an email campaign that builds excitement up to Cyber Monday.  Also, include emails with ‘special offers’ for your long-term customers.

Many marketers forget the follow-up series, but even though the event is one day, it’s the start of a long shopping season, so create a follow-up campaign that can guide and prompt users to purchase from you all the way up to Christmas.

Ans since this is such a critically short window of opportunity, test your emails before you send them to ensure you don’t land in user spam folders or get flagged for spamming and blacklisted by ISPs.  Run your entire campaign through the MailMonitor Spam Filter testing system.  This way you can identify possible issues and resolve them before ever pushing the ‘go’ on your Cyber Monday email marketing campaign.



Email Blacklisting 101

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Email BlacklistingWe are living in an age where effective direct marketing has become a continually changing and growing challenge.  With so many brands looking to be heard and consumers become super savvy, marketers seek new ways to be heard above all the inbox noise.

In this competition and struggle to be noticed it’s not uncommon for email marketers to bite off more than they can chew, often delving off into efforts which ignore best practices for email marketing.  Such rogue adventures typing end up in your brand being blacklisting.


What are Blacklists?

To put it simply, blacklists are lists of bad marketers.  These generally include spammers; however, legitimate mailers can also easily end up blacklisted just by not adhering to the best emailing practices.  While most blacklists are usually IP based, they can also be URL or domain based.  Typically blacklists are run by independent operators, hosting companies, corporate email managers or organizations who cater to ISPs.


What Makes You Get Blacklisted?

Blacklist operators are always actively using networks of spam traps to track and catch spammers and bad, unethical marketers.  If you’re emailing to spam trap addresses, then that becomes a clear indicator that you are not following the best practices in list acquisition and list management, since these addresses are phony and don’t belong to a real user.  This can cause you to be flagged as a spammer or even worse, get yourself blacklisted.


What Happens When You are Blacklisted?

Blacklists are commonly used by email receivers like ISPs and hosting companies to clock all unwanted “spammy” emails from suspicious mailers.  Another thing to note is that the number of your emails blocked also depends on the blacklist that you have ended up in.  One of the most widely known blacklists is Spamhaus and it is used by the majority of mailbox providers. If you end up on their list then you have a big problem for your business on emails.


How Can You Resolve a Blacklisting?

Keep in mind that each blacklist has its own process for removal.  Once blacklisted, the most important thing to understand is how you got there in the first place.  Once you have that figured out, you can reach out to the blacklist operator and formally request them to remove you from their list.

The best rule of thumb though is to stay off the lists entirely.  Some of the ways to ensure that you stay off of blacklists include:

  • Send out emails to users who have engaged with you in the last 90 days.  This can vary from campaign to campaign, but keeping within this range will ensure you don’t get flagged.
  • Remove users who haven’t engaged with you in over a year.  If you don’t, you might end up in recycled spam traps and get flagged for unethical email practices.
  • Employ double opt-in methods to avoid emailing repeatedly to spam trap addresses because they will not be able to click the confirmation links.
  • We also advise that you always follow the best practices for email list acquisition.

Email List Cleaning Services 101

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email list cleaning

Email marketing can be a walk on a minefield if you come unprepared. Thresholds for bounced emails, unsubscribe requests and spam complaints are set by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), corporate email protection services and anti-spam groups. If your email campaign has a high rate of any of these metrics, then there will be a good chance of harming your sending reputation and getting your emails sent to the bulk folder or blocked altogether.


The pickle is that a lot of account suspensions actually happen due to the stale or old email addresses in your list, that are never used by the owner, and not by any violations on your part.

Below we will tell you about List Cleaning services, what they can do for you and when to use them.

What is Email List Cleaning?

List Cleaning is a third-party service that scans your email lists to identify and filter out invalid addresses. It is also commonly known as List Cleansing or Email Verification. While a lot of companies offer List Cleaning, not a lot of them come with reliable accuracy.

It is also worth noting here that most of the List Cleaning services will not remove the invalid addresses on their own; instead, they will detect the addresses not likely to be successfully delivered, and rely on you to remove them from the list yourself.


When Should I Clean My Email List?

There is no black and white answer to this, as some email delivery services like MailChimp advocate not relying entirely on List Cleaning in a majority of cases. However, if you are faced with the challenge of bad email delivery, then you should always choose a reliable third-party service like BriteVerify. They claim to offer a reduction of bounce rate by 98%.

What cleaning a list will surely do is help you get rid of all those stale addresses. However, you should never expect List Cleansing services to be a one-stop solution to all your worries, as it is not going to help you with issues like spam traps, blacklists or abuse complaints.

Email List Cleaning can be very effective if you already have a record or subscriber permissions and you are following the best practices for email list acquisition.