6 Best Practices for Email List Acquisition

The quality of your email address list will directly correlate to the results generated from your various email marketing strategies. An accurate, well-targeted customer list will have a positive impact on your campaign’s response rates, click-throughs and ultimately, your end revenue. While this concept is easy to understand, you might not know exactly where to start when it comes to strengthening your own email list.

Traditional strategies of well thought-out campaign offerings, such as newsletters or free downloadable content, offer several opportunities where you can gather email contact information from your target users.  Our experience tells us that the best strategies will always capture email addresses at a variety of locations and will use customized messaging to get better participation from the recipients.  The key is that in order to get what you want, new target user information for your email list, you must offer something worthwhile in exchange.

Best practices indicate that to keep your email list accurate and fresh, you need to connect with your user base regularly — prompting them to interact and potentially update their information.  It is a great idea to keep testing things out to see what works and users respond to best.

Here are six great tips to get you started with your email list management:

1.      Customized Welcome Emails: Always remember that different subscribers have different expectations. Sometimes, the email marketing service providers do not have this level of customization available or it simply may not part of your purchased plan.  If that is the case, then you should focus your efforts on users that most likely fit the persona of becoming profitable customers.

2.       Target Point of Sale:  It has been experienced by market leaders that customers are usually less resistant to sharing personal contact information at the point of sale. In fact, many times users are looking for ways to stay in touch and welcome program participation when they feel it benefits them.

3.       Give Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse: That’s right! Research has shown that customers who get the promise of discounts on their next purchase are more likely to sign-up or opt-in to an email list.  If they don’t respond to your discount, you might want to send in a reminder a few days before the coupon is expiring.

4.       Use the Power of Choice:  Trust us – it will help if you give your potential customers the option of either signing-up via email or text messages. People like choices and are likely to choose one over the other.  An added advantage of this is that you’ll potentially grow both, your email and mobile marketing programs.

5.       Offer a Second Chance: Remember the ones who didn’t opt-in the first time?  Give them a second chance with an even better offer. They might have simply been too busy the first time and your follow-up could compel them to opt in.

6.      Capture All Data: The secret to successful list acquisition is to measure everything. Constant measurements will help create benchmarks for you to work on and further improve. Save data until it becomes useful, track the results and then act on it. Repeat regularly.

We also found this blog by Oracle to be very insightful. Hope these tips on best practices will help you in coming up with a Rockstar email list acquisition plan of your own!

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