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SNDS Tracking and Automation

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Microsoft provides a fantastic amount of data through their SNDS program (Smart Network Data Services) that can help marketers responsibly monitor their sending reputation to Hotmail / email addresses. That should include just about everyone sending email. The data is free and any sender that uses a dedicated IP can sign up at:

Performance and Enterprise Mail Monitor accounts now include the ability to automate and collect that data for review. All that is required is to have an SNDS account set up that is already tracking IP data. The Reputation tab of qualified Mail Monitor accounts walk you through the rest. This is a great tool for troubleshooting and monitoring delivery to and Hotmail.

Gmail Tabs – Good, Bad, or Neutral?

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Google recently rolled out a new inbox organization tool – Gmail tabs.

Your Gmail box will now use some formula to determine what type of email is coming in and deliver it to the appropriate Gmail tab. The current tabs are Primary, Promotions, Social, Updates, and Forums. By default, Google will display Primary, Promotions, and Social tabs.

The new feature has sparked intense debate in the email marketing community about whether this is good, bad, or neutral. Time will tell whether an email delivered to the Primary tab is as effective as an email delivered to the Promotions tab. Dozens of blog posts and opinions have been posted. We’re not going to weigh in on the impact of Gmail tabs, but what we do want to do is track the data and let you decide.

Effective immediately, all Performance and Enterprise level accounts have access to a new Gmail tab tracking feature. These tests can be run individually or as part of regular seed testing.

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