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Gmail Tab Tracking

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Gmail by default now delivers email to 1 of 3 tabs: the Primary, Social, or Promotions tabs. Email Marketers are rightly concerned about which Gmail tab their marketing emails are delivered to. Mail Monitor verifies which Gmail tab emails is delivered to.

Reputation Tracking

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Sender reputation is increasingly important for delivery performance. Mail Monitor gathers various reputation metrics including those through Microsoft’s SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) reporting program to assist the reputation tracking. Our tools automate the daily checking and display reports so senders can identify reputation issues.

Blacklist Monitoring

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Mail Monitor checks multiple times a day to verify that your domain and IP addresses are not on any blacklists.

If listed, you will be notified via email so you can begin troubleshooting the cause and begin the removal process.

Preview Content

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Email preview allows you to send a single test to many different email providers. We’ll automatically check those email accounts and take real screenshots of your email from the most popular browsers and email service providers. We will also take a screenshot with images turned on where applicable.

Email preview and rendering can help your email design team speed up their workflow and troubleshooting.

Delivery Duration

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Mail Monitor can show when emails were delivered to each ISP. This helps determine if there is an issue with ISP throttling (some ISPs will opt to delay the delivery of emails to your list when the volume passes a certain threshold).

Throttling is particularly harmful for time sensitive promotions or important transaction emails