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How to Increase Email Open Rates: Part 1

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Email open rate for marketing campaigns is usually the first metric a business will look at to measure the effectiveness of their email marketing strategy.

What is open rate?

Number of Emails Opened / Number of Emails Sent
Email Open Rate

How is the open rate measured?

Email Marketing Service Providers add to each email a reference to a small image that resides on a tracking server. Every time a marketing email is opened by a customer, the image is referenced and the tracking server logs what email was opened.

Are open rates accurate?

In a word…no. Opinions on how inaccurate open tracking is vary. Now that most email providers and applications load emails by default without images open rates are becoming less and less accurate.

How to increase open rate

The best first step to increase email open rate is to increase the rate that your marketing emails are delivered to your customer’s inbox. The only way to accurately track email deliverability is by using a seed account based email deliverability service.

What is seed based tracking?

Seed based tracking services like Mail Monitor have dozens of real email accounts with various email service providers that are checked for delivery of your marketing emails. By knowing how much of your email is really delivered, you’ll find out quickly if you have a problem that is affecting your email open rate.

In the next part I’ll discuss how to interpret deliverabiltiy reporting and what to do next that will increase email open rates.

Applying the 80 / 20 Rule to Email Deliverability

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I asked a recent client who had collected a distribution list of close to 400,000 contacts to calculate what the top 10 email service providers their customers used.

If you are working with a Fortune 500 company that has unlimited funds and huge IT staffs, it makes sense that you will need to know what your deliverability rate is to the vast number is small email service providers. It also may make sense for you to to spend a few thousand dollars a month and sign a long term contract with our competitor to optimize your deliverability rate.

However, if you are a small to medium sized business, you are undoubtedly familiar with the 80 / 20 Rule: roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Focus on the areas of high impact.

That’s the reason Mail Monitor focuses on reporting for the highest impact email service providers rather than the hundreds in use. By accurately knowing your deliverability rates to Gmail, Hotmail/MSN, Yahoo, and AOL, you can focus on the 20% of the work that has the biggest impact of email marketing effectiveness.