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Monitor Inbox Placement and Sender Reputation

Troubleshoot and avoid costly email delivery issues before they affect the bottom line

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Usable Deliverability Tools at a Fraction of the Cost

Simplify Inbox Placement

Bring visibility to email delivery location: the inbox, spam/bulk folder, or blocked altogether. We save you time and money by alerting you to delivery issues so they can be resolved.

The End of Spray-and-Pray Campaigns

By tracking delivery to all major ISPs, we show in real-time where and when your emails were delivered at each ISP.  Being blocked by even just one major ISP can greatly impact an email marketing campaign.   Get visibility into delivery performance to increase revenue today!

Mail Monitor Spam Tracking: The Tools You Need to Optimize Email Authentication

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Email spams are common – these unsolicited messages are responsible for deteriorating the overall experience of subscribers and defaming email marketing as a whole.  The worst part about… View Details

Email Blacklisting 101

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Preview and Rate Marketing Emails Before Sending

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Let’s be honest here – how many times have you discovered, after sending out marketing emails to your subscribers, an embarrassing typo or that you completely missed out on… View Details

How to Measure Email Campaign Engagement

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One of the most critical questions every email marketer faces is: “Am I creating strong email campaign engagement?” While you can simply go to your dashboard and review… View Details

How and Why to Establish an Email Deliverability Audit

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Email Lists

5 Reasons to Never Buy Email Lists

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With so many businesses looking to buy and sell their email lists, it’s no wonder that direct marketing has gotten a bad rap over the past few years.  While… View Details

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"Mail Monitor is a lifesaver for us! They offer the easiest, most effective set of tools to help us measure our emails' deliverability. Every email address is precious for an NGO, and now we can work on keeping them. If only we had found them sooner."

− Garth Moore US Digital Director,

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