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Monitor Inbox Placement and Sender Reputation

Troubleshoot and avoid costly email delivery issues before they affect the bottom line

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Usable Deliverability Tools at a Fraction of the Cost

Simplify Inbox Placement

Bring visibility to email delivery location: the inbox, spam/bulk folder, or blocked altogether. We save you time and money by alerting you to delivery issues so they can be resolved.

The End of Spray-and-Pray Campaigns

By tracking delivery to all major ISPs, we show in real-time where and when your emails were delivered at each ISP.  Being blocked by even just one major ISP can greatly impact an email marketing campaign.   Get visibility into delivery performance to increase revenue today!

Avoid Spam Filters

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Mail Monitor runs your email content through common spam filters that offer spam scores and itemized feedback. The spam filter testing feedback will point to a specific content… View Details

SuretyMail Accreditation Partnership for Mail Monitor Customers

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We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with SuretyMail. SuretyMail provides an Email Accreditation service for legitimate senders to help improve and maintain deliverability. Additionally, they… View Details

Gmail Tab Tracking

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Gmail by default now delivers email to 1 of 3 tabs: the Primary, Social, or Promotions tabs. Email Marketers are rightly concerned about which Gmail tab their marketing… View Details

Reputation Tracking

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Sender reputation is increasingly important for delivery performance. Mail Monitor gathers various reputation metrics including those through Microsoft’s SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) reporting program to assist the… View Details

Blacklist Monitoring

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Mail Monitor checks multiple times a day to verify that your domain and IP addresses are not on any blacklists. If listed, you will be notified via email… View Details

Preview Content

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Email preview allows you to send a single test to many different email providers. We’ll automatically check those email accounts and take real screenshots of your email from… View Details

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"Mail Monitor is a lifesaver for us! They offer the easiest, most effective set of tools to help us measure our emails' deliverability. Every email address is precious for an NGO, and now we can work on keeping them. If only we had found them sooner."

− Garth Moore US Digital Director,

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